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ODUEdit and Web Template

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ODUEdit is the online aplication which allows users to maintain their sites via web browser. It is also used to maintain sites which use official web template designed by OCCS and approved by the University Marketing Committee, Internet Committee and Provost of Old Dominion University.

The template is being implemented by all academic offices, including colleges and respective departments. This is occurring in several phases -- at the college level and departmental level. See below for a look at the layout for some of the colleges using the web template.

Darden College of Education (left) and College of Arts and Letters (right).

Although all academic entities have to use the template, non-academic offices and departments do not have to implement the template as they build their pages. However, there are some offices and faculty using the template for ease of use and to keep a common look and feel for all university related sites.

How to Setup the Web Template
Currently, the setup is done manually by the OCCS Web Group after the web account is created. Once the initial setup is done, the person(s) maintaining the site will have to go through a small training session with the Web Group to learn how to use the basic features of the template. The web template cannot be downloaded for offline use.