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Technical Support Center

The Technical Support Center (TSC) is the central point of contact for the Office of Computing and Communications Services. The TSC is located in the Webb Center (Room 1504).

Contact and Hours of Operation

Recommended Steps for Problem Resolution

Support for Student Notebooks

Priorities for OCCS Resolution:

High Priority (resolved within 24 hours): Technical problems that directly impact or impair a large number of people's ability to work across the campus. For example: campus/enterprise network outage, outage or intermittent outage for a building or College, server down, central application issues for systems like Banner, email, and virus issues.

Medium Priority (resolved within 3 working days): Routine technology problems that impact a single individual eliminating their ability to perform their duties and there are no other computing resources available to that individual. For example: a computer 'blue screen of death', a network port is disabled, and unable to login.

Low Priority (resolved within 10 working days): Problems that affect a user but does not impair their ability to do their work. For example: notifications of possible errors or warnings that, once the user clicks 'OK', allows the user to continue working; can not print using a specific printer but user has access to other printers.