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High Performance Computing (HPC)

OCCS supports high performance research computing by providing both symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) shared memory computers and High Performance Computing clusters for parallel programming applications.

A multi-terabyte storage access network (SAN) is available to provide research activities with secure storage of research data supported by a three-tiered hierarchical and archival file system which provides automated archival of stored files to tape.

To learn more about research computing systems and software, visit www.lions.odu.edu:8080/hpcdocs.Current available resources include:

LIONS and MIDAS provide access to AFS (Andrew File System) for home directories for academic and research unix servers.You must have a LIONS account to access the "sol-login" servers to manage your AFS directory. The authentication to submit jobs using Sun Grid Engine (SGE) to the SMP high performance computers is your LIONS account and password.

A Sun Microsystems E2900 high performance SMP machine with 12 dual-core Sparc-IV processors and 80 GB of shared memory.

An 8 processor Sun Microsystems V890 SMP computer.The statistical packages, SAS and SPSS, are available on Belize through job submission from LIONS.

Orion Cluster
A32 node Sun V20z server compute cluster. Each node has 4GB of RAM and 2 AMD Opteron 64-bit processors. The cluster has dual interconnects that provide standard 1GB Ethernet with Cisco switchs and an fast Infiniband interconnect with 10GB HBA cards in each compute node connected to an Infinicon switch.

Research Mass Storage (MS)
A storage access network (SAN) provides 50 terabytes for storage and tape archive for research data. The Research SAN architecture is five 6130 fiber channel disk arrays, four SATA disk arrays, and a StorageTEK L500 tape library connected redundantly via QLOGIC fiber channel switches.