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Student Opinion Survey

Student Opinion Survey Reports

Student Opinion Surveys are an important tool for students to provide anonymous feedback at the end of a course about their instructors, course content, and their overall experience. You must log in to these tools with your MIDAS Account ID and Password.  If you don’t have a MIDAS account or need to change your password, please go to: https://midas.odu.edu.

View Participation Rates

These tools show the current participation rate for surveys in progress.  Use these to monitor participation and encourage student involvement.  You may increase participation by allotting several minutes during class time for students to complete their course survey.  Some faculty offer extra credit for participation.  It can also be helpful to tell the students how you use the information to improve your courses.

Instructor access to the Participation Tracking Report

Provost, Dean and Chair access to the Participation Tracking Report

View Reports

Instructor access to the Student Opinion Report (Mozilla Firefox v,10 only)

The first screen displays your latest reports. You can change the term in the drop-down field to check for previous terms. To open a report click on the course link. Important: To go back to the previous screen, click on the blue arrow at the top of the report (to the right of “Keep this version”); this will return you to the selection page.  

Provost, Dean and Chair access to Student Opinion Report (Mozilla Firefox v10 only) 

You may need to authenticate twice – once for single sign-on and once for the Insight server. The first screen will display a Summary Report. You may drill down to view your Instructor reports if you also taught courses.

Summer Sessions

By default, feedback is not provided for summer courses. Faculty who wish to allow student feedback for summer course(s), must set that permission. Set permission to allow feedback

Student Feedback Schedule

View email dates for the current semester (These are the dates that email prompts will be sent to students to complete their course survey(s).

The time period during which a student can provide feedback to a course depends on the duration of the course. Remember that not all courses are opinionable (see Summer Courses above and "I can't find all of my courses" under FAQs). For those courses that are opinionable, the timing is as follows:

Full length - For courses of more than 14 weeks duration, the feedback period is 2 weeks prior to the end of the semester to midnight of the last day of classes. In the Spring, the feedback period is extended to include Reading Day.

Shorter Courses - For courses with a duration of less than 14 weeks, the feedback period is from nine days prior to the last day of class, not to start before the first day of class to the last day of class.