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Project Management

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IT Governance


IT project governance is the framework within which project priorities and decisions are made.


  •     Integration of IT strategic planning with campus strategic planning
  •     Transparency of IT plans and investments beyond their origination point
  •     Deliver the projects and services that the University truly needs

Quarterly Reviews

  •     Quarterly reviews are scheduled each September, December, March, and June.
  •      Individual meetings will be set for the CIO and each Vice President.
                   Chief Operating Officer
                   Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
                   Vice President for Administration and Finance
                   Vice President for Student Engagement and Enrollment Services
                   Vice President for Research
                   Vice President for Human Resources
                   Vice President for University Advancement

Purpose of the Quarterly Review

  •     Provide the Vice President a list of projects undertaken in their area, timeframes
        and schedules
  •     Discuss projects by prioritization value, status and alignment
  •     Provide copies of new project charters
  •     Discuss pending projects ideas and projects in discovery phase

Expected Outcomes

  •     Vice Presidential validation of the a list of projects undertaken in their area
  •     Validate project timeframes and schedules
  •     Make realignments as needed and discuss implications
  •     Communicate any changes in priorities to management team

For information on IT Governance processes, contact Ann Bennis at abennis@odu.edu.