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Monarch-Key Web Login Project

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Monarch-Key Web Login (Formerly Shibboleth Single Sign-On)

On August 15-17 Blackboard will be incorporated into the Monarch-Key Web Login system, which uses your MIDAS ID and password via web-based single sign-on. The following Sunday, August 19th, the my.odu.edu portal, LeoOnline, Degreeworks and Touchnet will be incorporated into this service after which time they, too, will have a new login screen.

What this means ...

We are moving toward providing a single point of access to the most widely used services across campus. When completed there will no longer be a need to use a UIN\PIN for LeoOnline or a separate Banner INB account and password. The Monarch-Key Web Login service uses the same MIDAS ID and password that is currently used across a range of other major services on campus. Before the end of 2012 several Banner services will be moved to the Monarch-Key Web Login system, including INB, BDMS, Workflow, Travel & Expense and others. Eventually many other services will be moved to the Monarch-Key Web Login service.

The benefits of the Monarch-Key Web Login service include reducing the number of credentials needed to access essential services. The web authentication technology used to allow for single web sign-on across multiple services includes one specific challenge for technology users. Logging out of a web-authenticated service is not guaranteed until the browser window is closed. When all Monarch-Key Web Login sessions are completed the browser must be closed to ensure the user is logged out of every service.