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Google Apps at Old Dominion University

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Student H: Drive Migration

Every Old Dominion University student currently has 250 MB of allocated file storage through their ODU Local Area Network (LAN) account. This file storage location is accessed via the H: drive on a University computer or through a manual WebDav connection. (http://occs.odu.edu/gettingconnected/webdav.shtml.)

The University is in the process of phasing out this LAN student file storage space and transitioning student file storage to Google Drive — a cloud-based file storage solution available via Google Apps for Education which was implemented at ODU in 2008.

Benefits of Migration to Google Drive:

  • 5 GB of file storage space
  • Ability to access files anytime from anywhere with a connection to the internet, including your mobile devices.
  • Built in capability to share files with other Google users.
  • Option to download local client for your computer which will automatically sync files that you are working in from your computer to the cloud. 

As Old Dominion University migrates from LAN file storage for students to Google Drive, we recommend that students make a copy of all data located on their H: drive that they wish to keep as soon as possible and begin to utilize Google Drive.

Note: Students will no longer be able to save new files to their H: drive as of October 13, 2013. The LAST DAY to access your H: drive is December 18, 2013.

Transferring Files:

Instructions on how to remotely download your H: files: http://occs.odu.edu/gettingconnected/webdav.shtml

Copying your files from your ODU H:Drive to Google Drive using local client (PC) 

Copying your files from your ODU H:Drive to Google Drive using local client (Mac OS X)