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In the summer of 2009, OCCS implemented a Virtual Private Network (VPN) device for use University wide.  Information and guidelines on how to gain access to and use the campus VPN are located in the Getting Connected section of the OCCS web page. 
Access to the University through the OCCS VPN makes your machine part of the University network and allows it to have access to all resources currently available on the campus.  This includes file shares, desktops and printing resources.  To be able to print to any of the centralized printing resources, which include any printers available in Active Directory (Administrative or Academic) and Multi-function devices, you only need a valid Active Directory account and administrative rights on the machine that you wish to set the printer(s) up on. 
Depending on the printer that you wish to install, you may need to go to the vendors web site and search for and download the most up to date driver for the model that you are intending to install.
Step by step guides are provided for the installation of printers and MFD’s on XP, Vista, Mac OS X and Linux below.

Remote Printing for XP 

Remote Printing for Vista 

Remote Printing for Mac OS X 

High Volume Printing for XP 

High Volume Printing for Vista