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The Canon and the HP 4345 devices can scan documents to any email address.  Digital sending is handled differently by each manufacturer. However, both devices feature the following capabilities:

  • Send to multiple email addresses at the same time
  • Using email helps to ensure privacy
  • Delivers files in near original quality
  • Multiple formats available

Please see the Scan to Email Alert before using this function.

HP4345 How to Scan to E-Mail

  • Place document face up on the ADF or face down on glass.  
  • From: type in your LAN (local area network) Novell user name.  The Novell user name is the name you use to log on to your on campus computer. Press OK.
     EXAMPLE:                           From:  astaff

     DO NOT ENTER                From:  astaff/hr/af/odu or astaff@odu.edu 
  • Password:  type in your LAN (local area network) Novell password.  The Novell password is the one associated with your user name. Press OK.  
  • Context: type in your context. The format is dept.bus unit.odu – and it is the same as displayed on your login screen. To find your context, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete on your campus . After entering, press OK .
     EXAMPLE:                            Context:  hr.af.odu

    DO NOT ENTER                 Context:  hr/af/odu or .hr.af.odu 
  • To: type the recipient(s) e-mail address. Press OK . Do the same process for cc and bcc as needed.
     To  afaculty@odu.edu  
  • Subject:  change the subject if desired. Press OK.

Important Notes: Do not use slashes or leading period dots.  From and Password fields are case sensitive.

  From:  astaff
  Password mypassword
  Context  hr.af.odu
  To:  afaculty@odu.edu
  Subject: Optional

Look for the device to display this message:  “PROCESSING DIGITAL SEND JOB. ”

Although it cannot print or copy in color, it can send color images. Images are sent as attachments. If you do not want to scan in color or wish to change the type of document from PDF, change your setting here. Press OK. Press Start.

Standard Time Out
The Card Reader has a set time out of 180 seconds or 3 minutes.  This amount of time allows users sufficient time to key in information on the MFD on-screen keyboards when using the Scan-to-Email function.  So that the next user does not have to wait for the time to expire, users should press the END key after use.

Need help?
Go to the User’s Guides for more information on scanning to email or contact your Technical Support Professional (TSP.)

Coming Soon
The Address Book function, which permits the device to store frequently used destinations
through one-touch buttons, will be activated in the future. Look for announcements.