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Recent Phishing attempts against ODU

Recently there have been a spate of phishing emails directed at ODU faculty. These emails are intended to trick us into divulging account and password information. Once that information is given it may be used to take over our email account to use for sending spam, or worse. If users give bank account information, or if a user's mail and bank accounts have the same passwords, the information can be used to access the user's bank account. While ODU filters most spam including phishing spam, some periodically gets through.

Recent phishing emails have a subject line, "Notice!!! Your Account Expires in 24 Hours" and "Emergency Notification!!"

These emails are not authentic! Some of the tell-tale signs are that they indicate they are from ODU support teams, but they originate from other institutions; they request account verification or credentials which ODU will never ask for; they contain web URL links that point to other's sites, sometimes even sites in other countries; they often contain typographical errors; they often contain threats such as your account being deactivated if you don't respond immediately, which ODU does not do; they request personal information, which ODU will not do.

The only place ODU provides to administer your ODU email account and password is https://midas.odu.edu . OCCS will NEVER ask for your password. If you receive a phishing email, delete it right away. If you are not sure whether the email is legitimate or if you feel it needs to be reported, you can forward it to abuse@odu.edu .