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Classroom Central Advisory Committee (CCAC)


The Classroom Central Advisory Committee (CCAC) provides advice and guidance on classroom technology and makes decisions affecting the academic computing and communications environment.  The committee is advisory to Classroom Central, the department responsible for managing technology-enhanced classrooms and central classroom equipment.

The Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am in Webb Center.

Key Reviews/Accomplishments

  • Decisions on future of classroom technology; reducing costs; new technologies
  • Procedures for relocation of classes in the event of emergency closure
  • Learning Commons
  • Level 1 classroom funding adjustments
  • Approval of plan to significantly reduce delivery service by creating thirteen Level 2 classrooms
  • Recommended solutions to class caps/overloads related to movement/furniture requests during first week of classes
  • Course Capture Pilot
  • Reviewed SCALEUP and opportunities to use this room for other disciplines
  • Placement of Classroom Quick Reference Guides in all Technology Classrooms
  • Reviews  classroom incidents reported to the OCCS Technical Support Center
  • Approval of changes to OCCS Supported Academic Labs
  • Reviews Life Cycle Replacement of equipment in Classrooms and Labs


CCAC is comprised of University representative from the academic colleges, the University Scheduling office and others involved in the classroom learning environment.  Current members are:

Office of Computing and Communications Services Paula Jamison, Chair
Rusty Waterfield
Center for Learning Technologies June Ritchie
College of Arts and Letters Janet Katz, Heidi Schlipphacke
College of Health Sciences Richardean Benjamin-Coleman
Scott Sechrist
College of Business and Public Administration Connie Merriman, Leona Tam
College of Engineering and Technology Linda Vahala
College of Sciences Terri Mathews
Darden College of Education David Branch; Jody Sommerfeldt
Higher Education Centers Bob Norman, Renee Olander,
Barry Smith
Office of Facilities Management Dillard George
Office of the Registrar Elizabeth Batu; David Sorey
Perry Library Morel Fry

For more information on CCAC, contact Paula Jamison.