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Mobile Monarch Student Notebook Program

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When will the 2013-2014 recommended models be posted to the Mobile Monarch Web site?
May 2013.

Who will be eligible to participate in the program?
Any new or current ODU student is eligible to purchase a notebook from the Monarch Techstore in Webb Center on campus. Faculty and Staff may participate by presenting an ODU ID card to the Monarch Techstore.

Is participation mandatory?
No. However, the University strongly recommends that all incoming freshmen have a notebook that meets the University's minimum requirements. Please review the Reasons to Buy link for more information (see Non-Program Notebooks section if you are considering purchasing a non-program notebook).

What are the benefits of purchasing a notebook through the ODU Mobile Monarch program?
There are many benefits to purchasing a notebook through the program:

  • Apple and Dell notebooks purchased through the Mobile Monarch program include ODU's higher education discount pricing
  • Program notebooks have been selected to meet the requirements of the University's academic computing environment.
  • An on-campus service center is available to provide prompt support services, including warranty repairs.
  • A limited number of Loaner notebooks are available to registered students while their notebook is being repaired.
  • Program notebooks receive priority service at the Technical Support Center.

What if I already own a notebook or desktop computer?
Students may bring non-program notebooks to meet the University requirement if that notebook meets the minimum standards set by the University. The suitability and operation of a non-program notebook is the full responsibility of the student. Non-program notebooks are eligible for limited support, and it is the responsibility of the student to purchase and load the recommended academic software.

If I don't have a notebook, can I still purchase one? If so, is there a due date?
Students may purchase a notebook at any time. Students entering for Fall 2013 should wait for the 2013-2014 models to be posted in May 2013.

Will graduate students and currently enrolled ODU students be eligible to purchase a notebook through the program?
Yes. All current students may elect to buy a program notebook.

What if I am a part-time student?
Part-time students are also eligible to participate.

Are there other notebook requirements at ODU outside of the Mobile Monarch Program?
Yes. Some schools and degree programs have notebook requirements separate from the initiative. You should contact your department to determine the particular details of your program's requirement.

When should I buy a notebook?
We recommend ordering by the end of July before you enter the Fall Semester. You can also purchase your notebook when you arrive on campus from the Monarch Techstore in Webb Center.

Why can't I just go to my closest retail store and buy a $300 computer?
You can, but beware. It may not be the investment you need for your academic needs. Mobile Monarch notebooks are built with the student in mind and are made to last you for four years. Mobile Monarch computers are typically business class systems with high quality components and features that ensure a safe and reliable computing environment. The notebooks we offer are sold with up to a 4-year warranty. Our Dell notebooks go a step further and give you the peace of mind of accidental damage protection with Dell CompleteCare which is included with the warranty purchase.

What type of notebooks will be offered?
There are two recommended notebook vendors: Apple and Dell. Each vendor offers models that meet the minimum requirements of the University as well as high-end models. Some departments may recommend a particular vendor or model for students enrolled in their program.

What operating system and software will be included?
Dell notebooks come with Windows 8 Professional and Apple notebooks have Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) installed.  

How do I get a copy of Microsoft Office for my notebook?
Microsoft now offers Office University 365, this is a four-year subscription from Microsoft that will give you the most up-to-date version of Office available for the duration of the subscription. This software is available at the Monarch Techstore for $77 or available for purchase at the Online Store.

Is there software specific to my major?
Students should contact their college for more information.

Is wireless access available all over campus?
Wireless access is provided in virtually all classrooms and residence halls, in addition to certain common areas used by students. Outdoor service is provided in select areas.

Is the ODU network secure?
A user name and password are required to access the current ODU wireless network, and the types of traffic that can be passed over the network are limited to increase its security.


How much will the notebook cost?
Current pricing information is available at the Monarch Techstore Online Store.

Is there financial aid available to help me purchase a notebook?
Yes. Eligible students who have received a financial aid award notification and a refund check may use their refund toward the purchase of a notebook computer.

Is there a payment plan available?
We are currently not able to offer any financing or payment plans for Mobile Monarch notebooks.

Warranty and Repair Services

Will the notebooks have a warranty?
Apple notebooks are offered with the option of a 1, 3, or 4-year AppleCare warranty.  Dell notebooks are offered with either a 3 or 4-year CompleteCare warranty.  Notebook batteries are excluded from AppleCare and Dell CompleteCare; batteries for Apple and Dell have a 1-year warranty beginning from the time of purchase.
What about protection against accidental damage for my Dell or Apple notebook?
Dell notebooks purchased through the program have the option of up to 4 years of Accidental Damage Protection service (Dell CompleteCare). It protects against accidental damage due to power surges, drops or falls, liquid spills, and LCD damage caused by a drop or a fall. Any accidental damage covered by this service can be repaired at the on-campus service center. Cosmetic damage is not covered under Dell's CompleteCare agreement. Apple MacBooks purchased through the program have the option to be covered for up to four years under AppleCare for warranty repairs. The AppleCare warranty does not cover accidental damage and/or cosmetic damage - these types of damages to Apple MacBooks are repairable but will be at cost.

What about theft or fire insurance?
AppleCare and Dell CompleteCare excludes theft, loss, or damage due to fire or intentional acts. Students (and parents) are encouraged to contact their current insurance provider to ask about covering the notebook under their current homeowner's or renter's insurance.

What do I do if my notebook breaks?
Any student with a Mobile Monarch notebook may bring their computer to the on-campus service center for repair. A limited number of loaner notebooks will be available for students whose notebooks are being repaired. Loaner notebooks are only available to students who purchase their notebook through the Mobile Monarch program.

Will I be able to get my notebook repaired on campus?
Yes, there is an on-campus service center at the Technical Support Center in Webb Center for persons who purchase a notebook through the Mobile Monarch Program.

How can I get my notebook repaired when I am away from campus?
If you need your notebook repaired during the Summer or whenever you are away from campus, you can contact your manufacturer directly for support. 

AppleCare Tech Support: 800-800-2775
Local Authorized Service centers (by zip code): http://www.apple.com/buy/locator/service/
Genius Bar (by appointment): http://www.apple.com/retail/geniusbar/

Dell (on-site support available)
Tech Support: 800-274-7799 (use express service code on bottom of system)
Website: http://support.dell.com

Ordering Information

How do I place an order?
Mobile Monarch notebooks can be purchased on campus at the Monarch Techstore or at our Online Store.

How do I get a printer?
Printers and other peripherals and supplies are available from the Monarch Techstore in Webb Center.

Why do I need a 25-35' Ethernet cable?
All Residence Hall rooms contain Ethernet connections and the campus has wireless connectivity. An Ethernet connection will always provide a faster, more reliable, and more secure connection than a wireless network connection; therefore, we recommend that you use a hard-wired Ethernet connection when using your computer in your room. A 25-35' cable to allow for maximum flexibility in the configuration of your room. Order a cable from the Monarch Techstore in Webb Center.