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Pay For Print

Effective August 28, 2010, students will receive a quota of $1.25 which is added at the beginning of each semester. Any sheets purchased by students will be carried over to the next semester. A sheet printed in black and white costs $0.05 and a sheet in color costs $0.50. Please click on this link for more details about Pharos pricing. You can purchase paper online using the instructions below or with cash or Monarch Plus from the Monarch Techstore in Webb Center (beside Starbucks).

Any print quota or purchased paper will not be reimbursed after leaving the University.

The Office of Computing and Communications Services (OCCS), located at 1504 Webb Center, is the administrator of the Pharos Print Management System. Report printing issues which impact your print balances to OCCS Technical Support Center at 757-683-3192 or by email at occshelp@odu.edu.

To Purchase Paper Online

Pharos Print Management System offers a convenient on-line method of purchasing additional sheets of paper for your Student account. This on-line system validates your credit card through TouchNet.  Once approval is received for the charge, the number of purchased sheets will be added to your Student Account.  If the credit card information provided is not authorized by the card issuer, pages will not be added. Each credit card transaction requires a minimum purchase of $5.00 (100 Black and White sheets).

Use your MIDAS ID in the Username field. If you are an NSU student who has an account at VBHEC or were given a sponsored account, then fill in the form with the student LAN ID you were issued. An example would be "abc-1234".

Please use the link below to proceed with your credit card purchase.