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Classroom Central

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Classroom Central provides equipment, services, and support to help faculty and students take full advantage of the technology available in the University's technology classrooms.  All of our technology classrooms are equipped with a hotline phone, a computer, DVD/VCR or Blu-Ray/DVD player, laptop connection, data projector (mounted in the ceiling) and a sound system. 

Assistance is available through the ITS Help Desk at 757.683.3192.  Technology classrooms are equipped with a hotline phone that automatically dials the Help Desk.  Questions and comments may be sent to classroomcentral@odu.edu. Please view the training calendar at www.clt.odu.edu/facdev/calendar.php for classroom training dates and times.

The Classroom Central Advisory Committee (CCAC) provides advice and guidance on classroom technology and makes decisions affecting the academic computing and communications environment.  Additional information about this committee is available at http://occs.odu.edu/page.php?page=about/ccac


Classroom Central
Hours: 8am - 9:50pm Monday through Friday

Classroom Central Manager: Paula Jamison