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Software Purchase

Products purchased via the Site License Program can only be requested for ODU owned equipment, and can not be copied or removed from the computer or server it was purchased for without permission.

Purchasing Site License Software
Clicking on the link below will lead you to an Internet shopping-style website where you may select from available software products. Once you have checked out, you will be given the opportunity to place a PC LAN Group request to have the software installed on your computer.

Site License Software

All current site license fees are available on the above link.

If you purchased site license software without placing a PC LAN Group install request or have other software items that need to be installed on your ODU machine, then please please submit a request to the OCCS Technical Support Center.  Requests can be submitted on line at fp.odu.edu; login using your MIDAS ID and Password or by sending email to occshelp@odu.edu.