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Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN)

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At Old Dominion University, Wireless LAN access points have been installed in all academic buildings, administration buildings, and residence halls with the exception of the Human Resource Buildings II & III and the University Auditor Building. Various outdoor areas on campus also have access points including Kaufman Mall, Williamsburg Lawn, and Powhatan Sports Complex Fields. As of Fall 2012, all buildings on campus with the exception of Spong Hall will support the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

ODU offers two wireless networks, AccessODU and MonarchODU. AccessODU provides a quick way to get on the network by using a web browser to login. Once on AccessODU students, faculty, and staff have the option to migrate to MonarchODU. MonarchODU offers enhanced security, and storage of credentials for automatic login (much like home wireless networks). Both wireless networks provide basic access to Campus Resources and Internet access for the Old Dominion Community.

AccessODU is a configuration free method of accessing Campus and Internet resources. It is a Web browser based authentication method, which is similar to wireless networks available in coffee shops, hotels, and airports. AccessODU requires you to manually re-authenticate each time you turn on your device. After authentication, the AccessODU wireless network does not implement encryption. It is suggested that at the point that you are providing user IDs, passwords, confidential and/or payment information, the beginning of the website address should be https://, indicating that the information is being encrypted. Your browser may also show that the information is secure with a symbol, such as a broken key that becomes whole or a padlock that closes.

MonarchODU is a WPA2-Enterprise network, which requires configuration of a supplicant on your computer. This can be accomplished by clicking the ‘migrate now’ link after logging into AccessODU or by going to https://onramp.wlan.odu.edu. WPA2-Enterprise is supported in Windows XP or later, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, and much more. Since this network is encrypted your data is always secure. MonarchODU also provides an easier and persistent login experience through the automatic submission of your credentials in the background.

All users must agree to an Acceptable Use Policy which is presented on login to AccessODU and during setup for MonarchODU.

We encourage all clients to ensure that their personal firewall is enabled and to make sure anti-virus software, operating systems, and other software packages are up to date for enhanced security while browsing.